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Track-POD is an advanced delivery software that includes an electronic delivery verification application, a universal mobile solution for efficiently and effectively monitoring driver performance in real time and confirming delivery.

The paperless delivery system also works as route planning software and makes it easy to organize multiple deliveries.

Among the outstanding features of Track-POD are also GPS tracking, Sign on Glass, instant notification and electronic delivery confirmation (e-POD). It can easily capture signatures and photos on your digital overhead templates to use as proof of successful delivery.

The Track-POD software is the answer to the urgent need for a fast, accurate, economical and easily accessible delivery service monitoring system. That is why the developers made it for the most widely used mobile operating systems in the world - Android and IOS (iPhone). This is an easy-to-use, cloud-based delivery program for small and medium businesses that reduces manual processes, phone calls, email and removes paper work.

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2022-11-24 09:42:44: Detrack is one of the most affordable delivery solutions out there. But there’s a catch. Detrack lacks a native route planner and uses the ElasticRoute integration instead. We compared Detrack+ElasticRoute to Track-POD so you don't have to. Twitter
2022-11-21 09:55:29: If you can't track your drivers' hours of service (HOS), you're doing logistics wrong. Apart from being a legal requirement, keeping a clear driver time record comes with many perks. Learn how to use Track-POD for tracking HOS without extra devices. Twitter
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