Talon.One is a sales promotion tool that helps marketers manage campaigns, create customized coupons, and referral marketing. Key features include activity tracking, gift card management, omnichannel marketing, conversion tracking, membership management, and affiliate marketing.

Marketing teams using Talon.One can create loyalty programs and personalize incentives based on unique customer characteristics. Geofencing enables companies to customize campaigns by adding location data and importing external location data into existing GeoJSON campaigns to provide customers with region-specific discounts.

With Talon.One, you instantly have access to a range of powerful features including: coupon creation, coupon tracking, referral management, automatic discounts and notifications, internal loyalty program logic, highly flexible wallet functions, geofencing, target grouping, default campaign budgets, approval workflows and single sign-on.

Talon.One enables businesses to launch loyalty programs based on points, memberships and tiered KPIs, personalize each incentive / reward for each customer attribute.


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