Languages: English
Localization: World

Shoeboxed is an application that digitally stores your receipts and helps you manage them so you are organized and prepared when filing tax documents.

You will be able to send your receipts, collected business cards and other related documents to Shoeboxed Magic Envelope for digitization. Shoeboxed collects and organizes your checks on your behalf.

Companies can create multiple expense categories to store expense details in category orders. It helps businesses keep track of expenses incurred in various categories such as food, transportation, entertainment, etc.

Shoeboxed has integration capabilities that help simplify the transfer of numbers from one application to another. With these integrations, you can be sure that the information passed between your software is accurate. Plus, you can save time and reduce human error.

Sometimes companies receive electronic receipts for their email accounts. They can get lost in a loaded mailbox, so Shoeboxed will automatically import such data. Thus, you no longer need to lose your receipt.

Shoeboxed also has a customer support team. Whenever a user encounters technical problems or has a question regarding a feature, a member of the support team will immediately help him or her and even provide an interactive guide.