Segmentify is a powerful conversion optimization platform that enables businesses to convert their website visitors to real customers.

The software does this by providing visitors with a personalized experience each time they enter and view the website, and by providing reasonable and timely recommendations based on real-time analytics.

Segmentify comes with handy conversion optimization tools that dramatically improve the user experience, resulting in higher conversion rates and significant lower bounce rates.

Segmentify provides users with powerful website marketing tools to help recommend the right product to the right visitor at the right time. When this happens, you can expect huge increases in conversion rates.

In addition to the conversion optimization platform, many companies use Segmentify to generate leads. The software can be used to segment visitors based on their behavior as well as actions in real time, providing users with the information they need to unlock untapped opportunities, and create and execute effective onsite marketing in real time based on visitor behavior.

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