PostUp is a cloud-based marketing solution designed for media and publishing organizations of all sizes. It helps users create and deploy their marketing campaigns on one platform.

PostUp integrates with various social networking platforms that help users deploy marketing campaigns across multiple channels of the system. The solution also allows users to collect and save email addresses on Facebook. PostUp also includes features such as triggered messages, waterfall mailings, automatic A / B mailings, targeting and segmentation, SMS, social publishing, user access control levels and time zone targeting.

PostUp also offers users a reporting and analytics mechanism that helps users create reports on the growth and activity of lists, the intersection of lists, delivery monitoring, automatic export of data, reports on visual clicks, distribution categories and much more.

2023-03-30 19:23:53: Anshu Mishra is always searching for challenge in his career, and he found it at Upland. In his work with Waterfall, he gets collaborate on a team that's "always ready to firefight" to create an excellent product for customers. Hear more about Anshu below! Twitter
2023-03-17 16:52:48: Wishing everyone a happy #StPatricksDay! Twitter
2023-03-08 02:03:16: Happy Holi to all of our Uplanders celebrating this year! Holi marks the beginning of summer in India, and celebrates joy, unity, and colorful connections. Twitter
2023-03-07 18:42:50: One year after its opening, Upland's Center of Excellence in India continues to accelerate the company’s ability to deliver customer-driven digital transformation solutions across its strategic product library. Twitter
2023-03-03 19:15:25: Jen Gause, VP of Sales Operations, is scrappy and not afraid to get her hands dirty. Learn more about her “people and processes” approach to #SalesOps below. Twitter
2023-02-23 23:05:34: Our fourth quarter 2022 results are in. Read more below. Twitter
2023-02-16 18:22:32: Thilagavathi Chilakuru, HR Generalist, was one of the first people hired at Upland's Center of Excellence in India. In the year she's been here, she has built an excellent team from the ground up & continues to make the most of every learning opportunity. Twitter
2023-02-14 21:05:28: Taking some time today to share some love with our Uplanders who make our products so great, and our customers who we appreciate!❤️ Twitter
2023-01-26 19:21:20: Happy Republic Day to all of our India Uplanders & customers! Twitter


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