"PlanFix" is a service whose purpose is to facilitate work on projects, large lists of tasks, instructions. The service also helps to automate monitoring of business processes, thanks to timely monitoring and notification of upcoming events and events.

The service also includes options for storing the contact database, discussing and commenting. Full-scale statistics on projects have also been implemented. The main difference between "PlanFix", according to the developers themselves is the ability to customize it for the work of their organization.

Features of the service:

- Project management

Manage projects online: monitoring the timing, workload of employees, work, resource management, discussion of project issues - all this can be done from any device connected to the Internet. By the way, access to the project can be given even to the client - he will not see anything superfluous

- Customer accounting

PlanFix allows you to keep records and manage relationships with customers at all stages of the transaction. Flexible customization of the client card, filters in your imagined sections, close connection with tasks, mass operations and access control will make working with your client base not only convenient, but also safe.

- Gantt Chart Online

The Gantt chart in PlixFix is ​​"live": it works according to the logic of MS Project, supports 4 kinds of links between tasks, allows you to edit the terms and links on the fly and immediately display the current status of the project. Now you do not need to conduct the Gantt chart in Excel - in Planix it is much more convenient to do this.

- Managing tasks

PlanFix perfectly keeps track of the tasks: automatically tracks the time of their implementation, allows you to keep track of the time of work on the task, communicate with the client directly from the task and much more. Therefore, even if you only need control over the execution of the manager's orders, the use of PlanFix is ​​already justified.

- Enhanced integration with mail

PlanFix can accept e-mails, make tasks from them and assign a project, executors and terms to them. This allows you to use PlanX for accepting applications and online orders from the site, working with feedback forms and organizing support services. So if you are looking for a help desk / service desk system, this is a good option.

- Scheduler

PlanFix planner knows how to plan tasks for the day and at the right time, but also helps you organize the management of any resources, and in a simple and clear form. Therefore, with its help it is convenient to automate the workplace of a specialist, even far from IT: a doctor, an accountant, an economist or a manager.

- Chronicle of events in real time

All new events - tasks, comments, files - will be available in the personal Chronicle stream, which contains only relevant information for you. In addition, you can see pop-up notifications in the browser, as well as receive them on email or in Skype.

- Custom reports

In parallel with the implementation of tasks and projects, you can organize accounting of resources, and what and how to take into account, you determine. Therefore, even if you decide to count how many cups of coffee each department of the company drinks, you do not have to invite a programmer - accounting analysts and reports for their display are configured by simple addition.

- Connecting customers

At will, you can correspond with the client by email directly from PlanFix or give him access to your account and work with him online. You determine what information the client connected to the project will see and to which of your employees it will be able to set tasks.

- Relationship between accounts

PlanFix allows you to receive tasks from one account to another, and also to link several accounts and accumulate tasks in one of them. This allows each company to work in its account, receiving and sending out only that information that is relevant to its counterparty.