Panopto is a secure video content management software designed for universities and businesses. He helps staff, faculty, and students record video, manage videos, webcasts, search for videos, and more. Users can post and share videos on the Panopto portal.

The video content management system stores and manages user video content to make it an important part of your CMS, CRM and LMS solutions. Anyone in the company's user can find, find and record all video content online. Using the unique video search tool, users can search for any word used in any video. It scans and indexes every word spoken and displayed on the screen in a video. This ensures that the user's videos can be instantly found for a specific part in the recording.

Video CMS integrates with the login identifier management system, which includes Google Apps, Active Directory, oAuth and SAML. Customers can confirm to others. providers through the API and can constantly synchronize the list of users with access control.

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