PandaDoc is a cloud-based document management software that helps users create offers, quotes, personnel documents, contracts, and more. The solution is mainly used by sales and marketing, as well as company management.

PandaDoc allows users to choose from a variety of offer templates that can be downloaded and customized for free. It also provides options for changing the language and currency used in the documents, depending on regional standards. Thanks to the collaboration feature, different groups can work together on the same document, commenting and keeping an activity log. The integrated electronic signature feature allows signers to approve and sign documents anywhere, anytime.

PandaDoc Analytics provides real-time statistics on who viewed the offer, how many times they saw the offer, and how much time was spent on the offer. The toolbar provides an overview of the effectiveness of the proposal.

2023-03-28 15:17:59: As we celebrate this milestone, we are more motivated than ever to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible and delivering exceptional products and services to our customers. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey! #PandaDoc50K Twitter
2023-03-28 15:17:38: We are also incredibly grateful to our customers for their trust and support. We remain committed to serving them and helping them achieve their goals. Twitter
2023-03-28 15:17:18: We couldn't have achieved this without our incredible team, who have brought us to this point. Every member has played a vital role in our success, from our sales team to our product team to our customer success team. Twitter
2023-03-28 15:16:58: Our mission has always been to simplify the document workflow process and enable our customers to work more efficiently and effectively. We are proud to have reached this milestone and are committed to innovating and improving our products. Twitter
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PandaDoc Integrations

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Zoho CRM
Pipeliner CRM
bpm'online sales
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