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Globiflow is a performance enhancement and time saving, automating virtually anything you can think of in your Podio account. Powerful workflow automation and data visualization for Citrix Podio ™

Globiflow features:

- Building workflows

Create your workflows based on your specific business processes. Each workflow has a trigger, filter, and action. You can run workflows when items are created or updated in Podio, as well as filter field values ​​and other conditions. Each workflow can perform various actions, including creating new items, updating items, assigning tasks, sending emails, and so on.

- Triggers

You can not only create workflows based on activity in your Podio applications, but also in date fields, for example, dates, dates, etc.

Workflows based on a date are run every day and only affect those elements whose date fields match your predefined conditions.

- Generating PDF files

You can create PDF documents on the fly using the data of your Podio and attach them to the current Podio element.

- Sending letters

As an action for any stream, you can send text messages with extended text messages to external contacts. You can use the e-mail editor to create beautiful emails containing any data that you would like to add from your Podio elements.

- Help on the website

Embed any Podio application item or spreadsheet directly to your website. For views, you can also allow visitors to go to a detailed view of each item.