OpenCart is a CMS. This - the engine for the online store, focused on the creation of convenient and selling online stores.

OpenCart - content management system, focused on creating online stores. Is free software distributed under the license of GNU General Public License v3.

The software is written in the PHP programming language, and the architecture uses the MVC design pattern.

OpenCart can be installed on any web server with PHP and MySQL support. The OpenCart structure is very simple. On the basis of OpenCart, you can create an online store of any complexity.

Advantages for the store owner:

A modern platform.

Fast start.

Modification of the functional by a third-party programmer or installation of additional modules.

Moderate prices for supplements and services.

Minimum costs when designing a store

Advantages for the client:

Registration of buyers.

All orders are stored in the database for fast and efficient searching.

Customers can view the history and status of their orders.

Temporary basket for guests and a constant for customers.

Fast and user-friendly search interface.

Security with SSL support.

Advantages for the administrator:

OpenCart supports an unlimited number of products and categories.

Support for physical and virtual goods.

Easily backup and restore data.

Statistics of goods and customers.

Multilingual support.

Advantages for the programmer:

Compatible with PHP 5.x and MySQL 4.x, 5.x.

The code corresponds to the basic principles of the Model-View-Controller pattern.

Compatible with all major browsers.

Built-in multilingualism.

Unlimited number of sections and products.

Support for templates, modules and add-ons.

Support for "Ocmod ™" (Virtual Quick Mod).

Opportunities out of the box:

More than 20 payment instruments

Modular system

Sales reports


More than 8 shipping methods


Download items

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OpenCart Integrations

One Box
Live Agent
Post Affiliate Pro
ProProfs Chat

OpenCart Connectors

Zoho CRM and Opencart integration

Integrator name: ciframe

- Synchronization of goods Zoho CRM and Opencart (any version);
- Downloading new site orders to the "Transactions";

Opencart and Google Analytics Integration

Integrator name: ciframe

Opencart and Google Analytics Integration

Connecting Google Analytics Universe to Opencart

Connecting analytics and ecommerce to display conversion.