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Messente is a mobile marketing software that allows users to send SMS to over 150 countries.

The platform partners with over 800 mobile networks to ensure reliable message delivery. Features such as adaptive routing also speed message delivery by choosing the fastest delivery route for messages.

In addition to faster message delivery, Messente offers various features to enhance the security of the user account. The platform can be configured to send PIN codes via SMS and use two-factor authentication for transaction confirmation and authorization. The software can also generate time-bound one-time passwords, which are backed up via SMS. These features ensure that only the right people can access their accounts.

Companies can use the platform to send customers urgent reminders and notifications, and to ensure that customers receive purchase receipts and order confirmation messages. The platform also offers omnichannel messaging, allowing users to send messages to Viber users using the same messaging API. Two-way messaging capabilities also enable sales and marketing teams to keep customers engaged.

For added convenience, Messente's global SMS API also integrates with numerous CRM applications. With all of these features, companies can use Messente to successfully integrate SMS into their mobile marketing campaigns.

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