Vorex is the most complete cloud solution on the market, integrating project management, time / expense tracking, CRM, billing and HR in one service.
With all the above, only - these are all separate solutions and modules, combined into one service and only you decide whether you need one, several or all modules to solve your problems.
The service allows you to track the status of any of your projects in real time, providing information about how things are going, whether it is staffed with the appropriate personnel or if there are any problems. Quickly create new projects by copying an existing project or using the built-in project templates.
The cost table can be entered directly into the project. In addition, users can enter costs and associate them with a project. Each project contains a complete financial summary of costs. All time records, costs and fees applied to the project are tracked by the Finance module for reporting.
The Vorex Service Desk control panel provides real-time information about the progress and status of requests. Easily create custom reports and get any information of interest to make the right decisions quickly and confidently.

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