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Jimdo is an online developer for creating websites and online stores.

Jimdo offers two ways to create a website - by setting up a website with the online wizard and setting up your own. When you choose the first option, you'll be asked a few questions, and then, based on your answers, you'll get a ready-made website with the structure that suits your needs. However, you should immediately warn, if you choose this option, then after the creation of such a site its further refinement is performed by a simplified set of tools.

The second mode offers a more subtle expert setting, which also does not require special technical knowledge.  This mode uses a visual editor, which works on the technology Drag-and-drop, ie all already known technology drag and drop site elements.

Ready-made templates are divided into categories - store, business, personal website, portfolio. All templates are interesting enough and plus they can also be adjusted to suit your needs. In addition to standard operations such as changing the color scheme or replacing pictures is available to edit the standard template through the HTML/CSS editor.

With free registration, your site will be located on the second level domain and you can transfer it only by selecting a paid rate.

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