Float is a collaborative resource management software designed to plan projects and tasks in real time. Features include an intuitive interface, drag-and-drop functionality, keyboard shortcuts, reporting and analytics, and editing tools.

With team availability management, Float users can schedule project resources based on employee capabilities, as well as set individual opening hours, add holidays, schedule free time, and add status to give insight into where and when employees are working.

Time tracking allows team members to record hours for scheduled tasks, adjust estimates, and present actual hours worked. With reporting tools, managers can track team usage and use project data to make business decisions.

Floating search functionality allows users to schedule people, projects, tags, departments, and more. Managers have an overview of the progress of a project and can, by comparing planned hours with actual logged times, determine if projects are on budget, under or over budget. The platform allows users to forecast budget expenditures, facilitating forward planning based on actual capacity and resources.

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