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Deliveroo is a food delivery app that operates in more than 200 cities across 12 countries worldwide. It connects local consumers, restaurants, and riders through a hyperlocal three-sided marketplace, offering fast and reliable delivery that can be tracked online. Here are some of the key features of Deliveroo:

  • Menu customization: Customers can browse through the food items and restaurants in their area, and customize their orders based on their preferences.

  • Order management: Deliveroo efficiently connects customers, restaurants, and delivery personnel in one place, ensuring smooth order processing and delivery.

  • Instant communication with customers: The app allows for real-time communication between customers and delivery personnel, providing updates on the status of their orders.

  • Intelligent logistics technology: Deliveroo's logistics technology, based on intelligent machine learning, continually improves the nuances of delivering neighborhood by neighborhood. The company deploys technology, such as its Frank algorithm, to find the best way of connecting riders, restaurants, and customers to deliver a best-in-class logistics service.

  • Editions: Deliveroo's delivery-only kitchens concept, helps restaurants expand to new areas at lower cost and with lower risk. The company provides restaurants with data insights so that they know which cuisines will be popular in different areas.

  • Grocery delivery: In addition to restaurant meals, customers can also purchase groceries from supermarkets through the Deliveroo app.

  • Expansion in the Asia-Pacific region: Deliveroo has been expanding its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, with markets in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

  • Investment in kitchen space: Deliveroo has started to invest in kitchen space to bring more restaurants to users, allowing for a wider variety of food options.

  • Dark kitchens: During the coronavirus pandemic, Deliveroo generated income through dark kitchens, which do not have any store-front and only work for delivery apps and grocery delivery.

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