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Localization: World

CleverMaps is a cloud-based platform that empowers people and organizations to make data-driven decisions on any location issue.

Visualize and rate venues with your specific audience according to your parameters. Analyze the attractiveness of a given location based on mobility.

Some of the use cases the platform can help with are location planning, coverage analysis, branch network optimization, advertising campaign planning, retail COVID recovery, delivery service.

Use Location Intelligence to streamline your supply chain and reduce delivery delays. Geolocation helps you plan, manage and monitor the first and last mile.

2022-12-15 08:13:52: Uživatelský manuál pro systém trasování infikovaných osob Youtube
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2021-06-14 09:12:04: Seamless integration of CleverMaps and GoodData platforms Youtube
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2021-04-27 14:40:16: Traffic Accidents in San Francisco Youtube
2021-03-02 11:40:45: Customer Story: Boosting sales using Location Intelligence Youtube
2021-02-15 08:59:40: Introduction to our new project page Youtube


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