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Localization: Russia

Bitrix24 is an application that enables you to organize teamwork in a company. In other words - the system is a site where all the data about employees and clients of the company is collected. Using this service you can: set and perform specific tasks, plan working hours and communicate with colleagues as easily as in any social network.

The service provides:


- Client database management and editing system

- Ability to record all activities associated with this client (for example, calls, letters, meetings).

Social network:

- Communication and decision-making

- Live Tape

- Message exchange

- Gratitude

- Notifications

- Ads

- Extranet

- Photogalleries

- Integration with social networks


- Management of tasks and projects online

- Gantt Chart

- Roles in tasks

- Completed task reports

- Accounting for employment

- Integration with Bitrix24. Disk

- Online project management

- Report Designer

- The designer of filters.

Chat and video:

- Corporate messenger and Business chat

- Video calls

- Free and unlimited

- Collective communication

- Instant notifications

- Mobile app

- Cloud data storage.

Joint work with documents.

- A knowledge base that can be accessed in any situation.


- Ready-made mail service for your company

- IP telephony in Bitrix24.





Connection with RetailCRM and Bitrix24 - Own product

Integrator name: skiredon

This synchronization allows:

Unload warehouses
product categories
goods broken down by warehouses and categories
Also, this solution allows you to export exported goods with a filter by categories and warehouses.

Also, each product is possible to order, use a simple order form. The order is sent to the administrator's email.

Create Pandadoc documents based on Bitrix24 leads

Integrator name: ciframe

Pandadoc and Bitrix24 connector

Automatic creation of documents based on Pandadoc templates using data automatically downloaded from the "Leads" in Bitrix24 service. The entity with the original data can be replaced with another one. The solution is a script that must be located on the hosting.