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Localization: USA

AWeber is an online tool for email marketing. He is able not only to keep the subscriber base, but also to convert blog posts into mailing lists (from RSS feeds). Subscriber segmentation is available, speeding up the creation of emails with many HTML templates.

Features of AWeber:

- Autoresponders.

- Templates.

- Automatic sequences.

- Personalize the letter.

- Tracking the activity of subscribers.

- Statistics of the discovery of letters.

- Map of clicking links.

- Number of unsubscribed and income graph.

- Working with RSS blogs.

- Opt-In mailing.

- Managing subscribers.

- Preview of scheduled messages.

- Planned time of dispatch.

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2023-01-30 15:21:00: Happy Monday! Read up on how we've modernized a bunch of pages in your accounts... Don't have an AWeber account? What are you doing? Sign up - it's free ? Twitter
2023-01-25 22:14:06: Ready to build an automation engine that'll promote your business around-the-clock? AWeber's 24/7 Email Marketing Master Class will show you how. ? #emailmarketingcourse #emailmarketing "This is an EXTREMELY HELPFUL course." - Anna T. Twitter
2023-01-17 02:20:14: Update on what's happening: We've made a number of changes to the bot detection algorithms and account logins are currently working again. Automated and scheduled messages continue to send properly, new subscribers are being added, and landing pages are working as expected. Twitter


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AWeber Integrations

Magento (Adobe Commerce)
Live Agent
Zoho CRM
Nimble CRM
Post Affiliate Pro
Live Webinar