Atera is a cloud-based one-stop remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform for MSPs and IT professionals.

With the Atera RMM platform, you can identify problems earlier than your customers with powerful root cause analysis, patch management, and more.

The platform keeps you connected and productive wherever you go. Fast and easy remote access, includes file transfer and multi-screen support.

Atera's update management software gives you complete control over all your updates from a single application. Save time with automatic fixes and use remote agents to continuously monitor each endpoint for absolute security and control.

With Altera tools you can organize your customer knowledge base. You no longer need to store important and confidential customer information in spreadsheets or notebooks. Now anyone on your team can easily access the latest information anytime, anywhere.

Easily set up automatic time tracking, monthly billing and timesheets, Atera puts an end to tedious manual billing processes and customer disputes. Everything in the application is simple and transparent.