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Klipfolio is a cloud-based business intelligence solution that allows users to connect to any data source, create beautiful data visualizations, and easily share them whenever and wherever they need it.

Klipfolio helps marketing agencies, analyst firms, systems integrators, business solution providers, and technology providers build business performance dashboards.

Key features include real-time dashboards, data source connectors for various applications and databases, pre-built visualizations, customer management, and reporting. Executives can view their business data in the form of bar charts, tables, line and area charts, sparklines, pie charts, maps, and scatter charts.

Users can also edit their chosen visualizations or create their own. When users connect a data source to Klipfolio, they can also specify specific data to include in the dashboard. These data sources can be updated to display real-time data.

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2023-04-07 03:23:59: Due to the super positive response to our metric assistant in the past week, we've decided to add an "easter egg" into PowerMetrics as well. Happy hunting! #chatgpt #chatbot #metrics #metrichq https://t.co/FXZvKV8foP https://t.co/yIJ0AmHQJj Twitter
2023-04-01 20:11:24: Unlock data-driven decisions with ChatGPT & MetricHQ – like a tiny data scientist in your browser. Type a term & get tailored answers from our MetricHQ database! Try out the chatbot: https://t.co/gLELXdWxQ1 Check out our blog post: https://t.co/FXZvKV8foP https://t.co/0gUXOydGK3 Twitter
2023-04-01 18:23:06: Today, we're excited to go back to the future. https://t.co/rTZ3QDl3SA Twitter
2022-12-22 23:03:06: #YearInReview 6/6 Generosity and Humanity In a world that has seen unspeakable injustices and sufferings, it has been countered by kindness, generosity, and acceptance. Our deep hope is for peace in 2023. https://t.co/Fec8gFNYaQ #PeaceInUkraine #equality #acceptance #kindness https://t.co/so8a395h8o Twitter
2022-12-22 03:59:46: #YearInReview 5/6 Thought Leadership A community of experts taking, sharing, and debating metrics... it doesn't get much better than that. https://t.co/UYCHIZ7JmO #analytics #metrics #KPIs #podcast https://t.co/kLBQCVgNA9 Twitter
2022-12-20 23:26:21: #YearInReview 4/6 Experience Our UX, design and product teams are listening to it all - from rage clicks to happy clicks. #analytics #ux #data https://t.co/hFSCCs2gch https://t.co/Dlgq8PTa3y Twitter
2022-12-20 00:14:25: #YearInReview 3/6 Award Winning Support. Hands down, our customer support team is, and always has been, the best. Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. #analytics #data https://t.co/fOO0z2OKde https://t.co/CgbHtgq9SZ Twitter
2022-12-16 20:55:51: #YearInReview 2/6 Performance at Scale. I think we can all agree - this is the biggest vanity metric... ever! #Analytics #data https://t.co/fOO0z2OKde https://t.co/7RSSYFKBPC Twitter
2022-12-15 23:08:11: 2022 has been busy! Happy holidays and a big thank you to everyone who made it a success! With over 400 releases this year, let's start by talking Innovation and Quality. 1/6 #YearInReview #Analytics #data https://t.co/APWaohjgSc Twitter
2022-11-30 19:33:54: Having announced Data Feeds on Monday, *Live Preview* will be our second amazing feature that will be launched very very soon. See the impact of editing your metrics as a live preview, in real time! ? https://t.co/7BYEQ8L07l Twitter


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