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Localization: USA

Keeper is a web application for managing passwords and digital storage. The service allows you to conveniently manage confidential data, saving passwords in the "cloud" and synchronizing them between devices over Wi-Fi, bypassing the remote server. Among other things, Keeper is distinguished by an advanced password generator built into the service, the ability to set an interval (by default, 30 minutes), through which Keeper will again require the input of a master password. There is support for importing data from CSV or other formats.

Features Keeper:

- Multifactor authentication of Keeper DNA.

- Autodetect credentials in mobile applications and browsers with the option Keeper FastFill.

- Storage of files, photos, videos and other documents.

- File sharing.

- Unlimited storage of passwords.

- Encrypted cloud backups.

- Secure exchange of records.

- Synchronization with multiple devices.

- Administrative console.

- Single sign-on system.

- Ability to share accounting data.

- 256-bit AES encryption.

- Generate the key by PBKDF2.

- Integration with AD and LDAP.

- Certification of SOC 2, TrustE, Qualys and HIPAA.