-Jamf is a software company that is the developer of Jamf Pro (formerly The Casper Suite), an application used by system administrators to configure and automate IT administration tasks for macOS, iOS, and tvOS devices. The product includes server and client ("agent") software that runs on iOS, macOS, and tvOS. 

-jamf offers on-premises and cloud-based mobile device management as well as an agent for managing macOS. Jamf Pro is the flagship product of the company and centralizes device management, allows policy creation, and restricts device features. The software is equipped with features such as management tools, remote setup, and remote lock and wipe.

• Unified Endpoint Management

• Enterprise Mobility Management

• Mobile Device Management

• Bring Your Own Device

• Mobile Application Management

• Mobile Security Management • Mobile Data Management.

2024-04-10 14:45:04: Jamf Routines: no-code automations, workflows and integrations Youtube
2024-04-10 14:45:03: Jamf & DDM: Software Updates with Declarative Device Management Youtube
2024-04-10 14:45:02: Apple Vision Pro: Jamf Seamless device management Youtube
2024-04-10 14:45:01: Jamf App Installers for Education: App Management & Updates Youtube
2023-04-03 22:01:53: Attending #HIMSS23? Join us at booth 1774 to discover how to empower patients, providers and employees with #Apple devices powered by Jamf’s management, #security, and workflow solutions. https://t.co/v6pK0qet90 https://t.co/vzlAYlHv07 Twitter
2023-04-03 19:02:55: In this presentation, Rocketman will demonstrate their workflow for walking people through TCC during their automated onboarding process, along with a shell script function for verifying that end users have what they need. Registration link: https://t.co/CixjF4o7nG Twitter
2023-04-03 15:45:16: Exciting news! Jamf will be attending RSA Conference 2023 from April 24 - 27. Come visit us at booth #1945 to learn about our latest solutions for securing Apple devices in the enterprise. We hope to see you there! #RSAC #cybersecurity https://t.co/2FQ7Ry1rck Twitter
2023-03-31 18:10:14: As #cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, a new macOS malware called MacStealer has emerged, posing a significant risk to users. Learn more about this new macOS malware variant and how Jamf Protect safeguards you from this emerging threat in our blog: https://t.co/nLk2bXYMOp Twitter
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2023-03-30 19:05:06: With Jamf, you can easily deploy, manage and secure all your Apple devices from a single platform while saving time and increasing productivity. Request a free trial today, and see how Jamf can benefit your business, education or healthcare environment: https://t.co/vkgEHgfbj4 https://t.co/DsrWLdHZiC Twitter
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2023-03-29 18:15:17: Jamf Protect, our leading endpoint security solution for Mac and mobile devices, now integrates with #Microsoft Sentinel—learn about the benefits and features of this integration in this blog: https://t.co/4lQuL6Dsqi Twitter
2023-03-29 12:14:56: The Jamf team is ready & waiting for you at #BettUK2023! Meet us at stand NK50 to hear top tips from our experts, discover insightful presentations & join The Classroom experience. Check the full programme now! https://t.co/ex3wlVfwC7 #edtech #bett #jamfedu #digitallearning https://t.co/KtmYupIJmL Twitter
2023-03-28 18:10:14: The #aviation industry is always on the move; their technology needs to be able to keep up. #Apple and Jamf help airlines stay efficient and effective on the go—read this blog to learn more: https://t.co/ZexQavOhCC Twitter


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