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Localization: Russia

DocsInBox is a service for automating accounting between a restaurant and a supplier.

The service provides opportunities to control purchase prices and search for new suppliers by product group, with reviews on the quality of supplies. You will no longer have to call suppliers to order products, because all information about goods and their availability, booking and price control, tracking order status - everything will be stored in your accounting system.

DocsInBox allows you to automate the control over invoices and you no longer have to enter positions manually. If a duplicate position is found, the system will offer you to combine it into one or simply delete the extra one. The system also monitors prices and when the purchase price from the supplier rises, you will receive a notification about this to make a decision on further work.

On the admin panel, you can view the statuses of your orders in real time. All necessary invoices are unloaded immediately after confirmation of receipt of the order.

The service also maintains statistics on all the required fields, and also sends notifications that some products are running out in the warehouse and offers a supplier.

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