CallRail is an intuitive and powerful call tracking solution for data-driven marketers that measures call conversions from search, offline and digital marketing campaigns including PPC keywords. Recording conversations makes it easy to qualify leads, improve customer service, and train staff.

CallRail helps you understand which sites, campaigns, and search terms have driven a particular customer to a conversation. Visitor timelines show the complete customer journey through your website. Conversion data feeds directly into Google Analytics and also optimizes AdWords call tracking campaigns to track phone calls as conversions.

Real-time reporting notifies you of a call immediately and lets users understand which campaigns are performing best and maximizing your ROI.

The Call Analytics Dashboard provides unparalleled insight into individual calls and helps you visualize trends. Email notifications keep users in the loop at all times and let them see when potential customers are arriving. The visitor timeline shows how visitors browse the website, which pages they read, and what actions they took after the call. This makes it much easier to identify which web pages are receiving the most phone calls.


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