Integration of HubSpot CRM with Zoom

HubSpot Zoom Integration

HubSpot Zoom Integration allows users to add all Zoom meeting attendees to HubSpot Contacts

Every time someone registers for a Zoom webinar, they are created as a contact in HubSpot. And thanks to the HubSpot feature, you can send them automatic event reminders, follow-up emails and more. You can view the properties of contacts in HubSpot to see when they register and attend webinars and how long they usually stay.

You will also be able to track the attendance of Zoom webinars in HubSpot CRM on a timeline, with details such as who signed up and attended, registered but did not attend, length of attendance, number of webinars attended, total number of registered webinars, and average length of attendance. You will be able to use all this data to segment your listings based on the needs of your customers.

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