2023-04-03 18:00:01: We're kicking off the week with a deep dive into #ZeroTrust architecture. Here, we look at the components that make up a mature zero trust model along with an example using Citrix technology. https://t.co/QewdL6ukzv Twitter
2023-04-02 18:15:01: Embracing digital transformation is enabling the insurance industry to make strides in sustainability. Here's how. https://t.co/tH5jk2DAL1 #InsurTech Twitter
2023-04-01 20:18:12: Using the Citrix Policy Modeling capability, admins can simulate a user session to ensure that the correct Citrix policies are applied to each session. Here's how it works. https://t.co/D48A94uvs6 https://t.co/Bcg05vLPLr Twitter
2023-03-30 16:03:12: The Citrix Enterprise Browser is a secure Chromium-based browser that provides #ZeroTrust access to web & SaaS applications - protecting your device and network from unintended user behavior. See how it works here. https://t.co/5eqQ1LKyjN https://t.co/DYMHXnAj0E Twitter
2023-03-29 22:55:14: Rapidly modernize your IT? ✅ Agilely reduce cybersecurity threats? ✅ Deliver the best end user experience? ✅ Dig into our unified security guide to learn how to tackle all of these & more: https://t.co/VeKWXL2m8d https://t.co/5aVE79AyDW Twitter
2023-03-29 16:30:00: Did you know App Protection now supports hybrid launches for Citrix Workspace? Learn more about this feature & the added flexibility here. https://t.co/48NzfKvQXv Twitter
2023-03-28 21:03:12: What is #DaaS? More organizations are choosing it to enable their hybrid work environment. But not all DaaS solutions meet the same standards of flexibility, simplicity, and security. Find out what the real standards are when DaaS is done right. ? https://t.co/L3rcZiVoqj https://t.co/yKFShhGd5w Twitter
2023-03-28 15:54:01: Check out what's new in Profile Management 2023, including policies for: ➡️ App access control ➡️ Active write-back on session lock & disconnection ➡️ VHD disk compaction Explore them here: https://t.co/IObpq4ZU1F https://t.co/813HbGfp2r Twitter
2023-03-27 20:30:01: Save the date! On Wednesday, April 5, we'll be discussing the new Universal Subscription. You'll learn more about how it can help increase agility, respond to financial & regulatory changes, and make the most of your existing investments. Register here: https://t.co/cbqn3FSEG0 https://t.co/SGmAhAmmIf Twitter
2023-03-27 18:01:00: Heading to #HIMSS23 in a few weeks? We'll be there to talk about how healthcare organizations can tackle challenges they're facing as they modernize their workforce & enhance patient outcomes. Find out what else we're up to at the event here. https://t.co/Lkj7Oki3eB #HealthIT Twitter


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