Languages: English
Localization: World

Chatfuel is a bot building system that offers individuals and businesses a single, centralized platform for building AI-powered conversational chatbots.

Chatfuel brings together simple editing tools, multi-user accounts and neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and seamless third-party integrations and analytics technologies. Chatfuel aims to provide users with a simple yet effective solution for building bots.

With Chatfuel editing tools, users can easily create chatbots without programming knowledge. From the Chatfuel dashboard, users can define the communication rules used by their chatbot. These specific rules allow each chatbot to understand user requests and respond productively with phrase recognition and built-in NLP.

Chatfuel intends to provide users with the tools to create a flexible chatbot that can meet any user needs. Therefore, depending on the user's requirements, people can create a chatbot that will serve as an assistant at an event, a personal answering machine, or a customer service consultant. What's more, using Chatfuel's analytics technology, users can gain valuable and useful insights into the performance of their AI bot.


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