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Sending sms from Turbosms based on Moysklad data

Template reference in the additional order field.

Sending SMS on a schedule depending on the selected field element.

A script for sending a message, with a selection of a directory item in an additional field

A script for sending a message with a status change trigger. Change of status is triggered by the crown. Sending messages for one order and one status is sent only once (to avoid re-sending).


- The script works with api, runs on your server / hosting on schedule (cron);
- Confirmed Alpha Name;
- Replenished account for sending 10-15 test messages

Others services and products of integration

Zoho CRM and Opencart integration

- Synchronization of goods Zoho CRM and Opencart (any version);
- Downloading new site orders to the "Transactions";

Opencart and Google Analytics Integration

Opencart and Google Analytics Integration

Connecting Google Analytics Universe to Opencart

Connecting analytics and ecommerce to display conversion.

Create Pandadoc documents based on Bitrix24 leads

Pandadoc and Bitrix24 connector

Automatic creation of documents based on Pandadoc templates using data automatically downloaded from the "Leads" in Bitrix24 service. The entity with the original data can be replaced with another one. The solution is a script that must be located on the hosting.

Klaviyo and Wordpress Woocommerce integration

Installation of Signup Forms.
Automatic unloading of customers who completed the order to a specific Klaviyo list (phone and email).


Shopagram is an additional point for receiving orders in the Telegram messenger based on the information of your main Shopify online store. The application is good to use for stores that use Telegram as an additional communication channel with their customers or conduct active advertising campaigns in Telegram groups.


  • The application Shopagram is an additional channel for selling your products based on the data of the products from your Shopify store
  • Based on the product database with the application Shopagram you have the opportunity to make a separate store in Telegram with a separate structure of pages and categories
  • For loyal and regular customers, you can simplify the category structure to make it easier for your target audience to select the products that your target audience needs.
  • With the application, you can work with a different target audience of your main Shopify store
  • Some clients may perceive your Telegram bot as an innovation

Twilio and HubSpot CRM integration

Twilio and HubSpot CRM integration

Create a customer profile

Create an order based on a user message